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Future of AI

News on Artificial Intelligence in Education and Libraries

Friday, May 24, 2024

Transparency is sorely lacking amid growing AI interest

Transparency is still lacking around how foundation models are trained and this gap can lead to increasing tension with users as more organizations look to adopt artificial intelligence (AI).  In Asia-Pacific, excluding China, spending on AI is projected to grow 28.9% from $25.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.zdnet.com/article/transparency-is-sorely-lacking-amid-growing-ai-interest/

Generative AI may be creating more work than it saves

There's common agreement that generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help people save time and boost productivity.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.zdnet.com/article/generative-ai-may-be-creating-more-work-than-it-saves/

OpenAI Just Gave Away the Entire Game

The Scarlett Johansson debacle is a microcosm of AI’s raw deal: It’s happening, and you can’t stop it. If you’re looking to understand the philosophy that underpins Silicon Valley’s latest gold rush, look no further than OpenAI’s Scarlett Johansson debacle.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2024/05/openai-scarlett-johansson-sky/678446/

Video Shows OpenAI Engineer Admitting It's "Deeply Unfair" to "Build AI and Take Everyone's Job Away"

If there's one thing people fear about AI beyond a Terminator-style apocalypse, it's that the rise of these generative models — which were relentlessly trained on everyone's hard work without permission but with full impunity — is going to destroy their jobs.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://futurism.com/the-byte/openai-engineer-unfair-ai-jobs

Thursday, May 23, 2024

OpenAI didn't intend to copy Scarlett Johansson's voice, 'The Washington Post' reports

OpenAI cast the actor of Sky's voice months before Sam Altman contacted Scarlett Johansson, and it had no intention of finding someone who sounded like her, according to The Washington Post.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.engadget.com/openai-didnt-intend-to-copy-scarlett-johanssons-voice-the-washington-post-reports-041247992.html

Crushing It: Autonomous AI Robot Creates a Shock-Absorbing Shape No Human Ever Could

An autonomous robot created a shock-absorbing shape no human ever could. Learn what it means for designing safer helmets, packaging, car bumpers, and more.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://scitechdaily.com/crushing-it-autonomous-ai-robot-creates-a-shock-absorbing-shape-no-human-ever-could/

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

I’m in love with my AI girlfriend OpenAI's new creation will prove insatiable

Grand announcements in the world of AI are not rare; in fact, they are almost as frequent as new Tory Prime Ministers. Nonetheless, last week’s launch of OpenAI’s latest glittering iteration of its GPT series, GPT4o — the “o” is for “omni” — was quite the spectacle.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://unherd.com/2024/05/im-in-love-with-my-ai-girlfriend/

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Can This A.I.-Powered Search Engine Replace Google? It Has for Me.

For my entire adult life, whenever I’ve had a question about the world or needed to track down something online, I’ve gone to Google for answers. But recently, I’ve been stepping out on Google with a new, A.I.-powered search engine.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.nytimes.com/2024/02/01/technology/perplexity-search-ai-google.html

OpenAI steals Scarlett Johansson's voice

Actress Scarlett Johansson claimed that OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman, asked her to be the voice of “Sky”, one of the voice options available under the AI voice feature, which rolled out last September. But, after careful consideration, Johansson declined.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.aitoolreport.com/articles/openai-steals-scarlett-johanssons-voice

Top AI models exposed

The UK Safety AI Institute (AISI) has revealed, ahead of the AI summit in Seoul, that five of the most popular large language models (LLMs) are “highly vulnerable” to even the most basic jailbreaking attempts, which is where people trick an AI model into ignoring safeguards that are in place to

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.aitoolreport.com/articles/top-ai-models-exposed

“I lost trust”: Why the OpenAI team in charge of safeguarding humanity imploded

Company insiders explain why safety-conscious employees are leaving. Editor’s note, May 18, 2024, 7:30 pm ET: This story has been updated to reflect OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s tweet on Saturday afternoon that the company was in the process of changing its offboarding documents.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.vox.com/future-perfect/2024/5/17/24158403/openai-resignations-ai-safety-ilya-sutskever-jan-leike-artificial-intelligence

OpenAI pulls AI voice that was compared to Scarlett Johansson in the movie 'Her'

OpenAI is pulling an AI assistant voice for the latest version of ChatGPT that drew comparisons to the voice of actress Scarlett Johansson in the sci-fi romantic drama "Her," which centered on a man who falls in love with the female voice of his computer's operating system.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.npr.org/2024/05/20/1252495087/openai-pulls-ai-voice-that-was-compared-to-scarlett-johansson-in-the-movie-her

Monday, May 20, 2024

AI Is Taking Over Accounting Jobs As People Leave The Profession

The accounting profession is hemorrhaging talent and failing to see growth as young college graduates are not gravitating toward this once-buoyant sector. The shift in attitudes regarding the occupation presents an existential threat.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackkelly/2024/05/17/ai-taking-over-accounting-jobs/

OpenAI Says Its Pulling ChatGPT Voice ‘Sky’ That Sounds Like Scarlett Johansson

Topline ChatGPT maker OpenAI on Monday said it is working to drop a voice that sounds like actress Scarlett Johansson, days after the company debuted its new AI voice assistant as part of a major upgrade to its flagship chatbot that intensifies competition with the likes of Apple’s Siri and Amazon

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.forbes.com/sites/roberthart/2024/05/20/openai-says-its-pulling-chatgpt-voice-sky-that-sounds-like-scarlett-johansson/

OpenAI dissolves safety team

Last week, OpenAI co-founder, Ilya Sutskever, and key AI researcher, Jan Leike, both quit OpenAI’s “Superalignment” team, which was focused on implementing long-term AI safety protocols, with Leike openly expressing his frustration over the company’s priorities, claiming that “safety cultu

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.aitoolreport.com/articles/openai-dissolves-safety-team

Slack Trains Some of Its AI-Powered Features on User Messages, Files

Slack is training its machine learning features on its users' data—and everyone's opted-in by default. Slack uses machine learning, a subfield of AI, to operate in-app features like channel recommendations, search results, autocomplete, and emoji suggestions, according to the company.

ORIGINAL LINK: https://www.pcmag.com/news/slack-trains-ai-powered-features-on-user-messages-files

Sunday, May 19, 2024

šŸš©OpenAI Safety Team "LOSES TRUST" in Sam Altman and gets disbanded. The "Treacherous Turn".

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ORIGINAL LINK: https://youtu.be/DvnczXEaSiQ?si=IBvqOQccP9cclgBN